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02/15/2023 | Source: Yahoo!

It’s no secret – mobile usage is exploding. Over half of global website traffic in the last quarter came from cell phones, making it essential for businesses to make sure their websites are properly optimized across all devices if they want to stay ahead of competition. Luckily, DesignRush has provided a list of the top web design companies that can help brands get on track with efficient device optimization and maximize online visibility!

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02/08/2023 | Source: Yahoo! Life

With businesses looking to streamline their operations, outsourcing has become a viable solution for achieving optimal performance. This is evidenced by the impressive $700 billion investment that hit the industry in 2022. But with forecasts putting growth at around 3%, it’s clear this number will swell – reaching an incredible $732 billion by 2023! DesignRush have since released their annual top agency picks based on verified customer reviews and successful case studies – giving businesses confidence when selecting who they should outsource too.

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12/02/2022 | Source: Yahoo! Finance

Gaining more organic visits to your website can be one of the biggest challenges for a business as it accounts for about 53% of all web traffic. During the holiday season this can be an even bigger challenge for e-commerce sites. The first step you should take when trying to improve your organic SEO is using Google Search Console. Search Console will give you an idea for what you’re currently showing up under and how web visitors are reaching your site.

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11/24/2022 | Source: Yahoo! Finance

Understanding how to stay ahead of your competition online doesn’t always mean copying everything. We believe in prioritizing features and services you want to adapt rather than trying to do it all at once. What will bring the most significant value to your business and customers? This is one area of competitive analysis that can really help a business move to the next level in their digital presence.

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12/02/2022 | Source: Yahoo! Finance

Jeffrey Diebner, Consumr Buzz CEO, gives insight into the pros-and-cons of having a single page website for businesses. Laying out the understanding that some businesses do benefit from single-page sites, or landing pages, Jeffrey also addresses the fact that there is very limited on page SEO that can be done which makes it difficult for search engines to crawl and rank the site.

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