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Are you having trouble showing up under your services and targeted keywords in your local area? Our listing scan tool can help us identify issues and inconsistencies with your online presence.

Why Am I Not Showing Up Online?

Inconsistent Information

If your business has different information all over the internet, it's hard for search engines to determine what is correct and where to place you in search results.

Site Errors

Errors on your website is a big red flag for search engines like Google. Adding redirects and making sure your site loads fast and is responsive can improve ranking.

Lack of Content

The content on your website and listings helps you rank under specific keywords and search phrases. If you lack content, search engines have no way of knowing when to show your business.

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Google Business Listing

Over 4.3 Billion Users Worldwide on Google

With a Google Business Listing, your company name, location, servicing, area, phone number, website, and hours of operation can be seen through local searches. On top of this, Google allows business owners to share the services they provide and receive reviews about the services or products you offer.

We Build Relationships

Partners & Tech

With top industry partners and superior knowledge, our team are equipped with the best tools to get our business buzzing.

What Can I Do To Increase My Online Visibility?

Local SEO helps businesses show up in their area under specific keywords and search terms. Our listing management software helps your business submit information to over 60 websites and directories to ensure your business information is accurate and conistent.

What Does This All Mean?

Local SEO 101

NAP Consistency

Name, Address, & Phone Number. NAP consistency shows that your information is accurate and consistent online. When your customers find your business online, you'll know they'll have up-to-date information.


A listing is an instance of your business information on a website like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and more. They typically display your business name, phone number, address, website, business hours, and services.

Duplicate Listings

Duplicate listings occur when either you or another person creates a copy of an existing listing. Sites like Google flag this as there is an already existing listing with the same information.

Service Area

A service area defines the area a business will provide services. This is typically used for industries like general contractors, landscapers, home builders and remodelers, and electricians.

Visibility Score

Your visibility score is calculated by calculating the number of listings your business has and how accurate and consistent the information is across these listings. The higher the visibility score, the better you will show up online when potential customers search for your products or services.

Listing Status

There are 5 different listings status. Unverified, Pending Verification, Verified, Pending, Duplicate, and Suspended.


Listing accuracy is defined by how much of the information on your listing matches your actual information.

Data Aggregator

Data Aggregators act as beacons for your business information. The information on data aggregators is compared to the information on search engines and directories and can update based on the information on the data aggregator.


Sites like Yelp, Hubspot, and MapQuest are considered directories. They list businesses and their information for web visitors and can be updated, added, or removed.

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