Listing Management

Keep your online business listings up-to-date! Your information will be available wherever your customers search for you. Even on voice search!

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Local SEO: Ensure Accuracy & Consistency

With Consumr Buzz’s listing management services, we can manage more than 60 different listings. As a result, we either corrected or created to match your current information. NAP (name, address, phone) consistency is what we strive to reach.

Listings are an area of local SEO that allows us to create multiple references for your business across the Internet. Google takes in a vast majority of searches performed each day. However, having listings on other sites helps out your ranking on google.

Because information on the Internet is ever-changing, we keep your business information under lock & key. A majority of the sites that we work with allow online users to suggest edits. Because of that, our systems can prevent unwanted changes from occurring. If one listing says your closed on sunday and another doesn’t, what happens? The result is a lost revanue. Keeping information like this updated is why listing management is critical for businesses.

See how your business currently appears online.

Circular icons of different websites for business listings: Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing Places, Yelp, Apple Maps, YP, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Waze, eLocal, Mapquest, 2fl

NAP Consistency

Your clients and customers will see the same Name, Address & Phone Number across the board.

60+ Online Partners

We work with search engines, directories and data aggregators to push up to date information

Increase Online Visibility

Consistent and up to date information assists with your businesses’ local SEO & ranking.

Manage in One Place

Did you moved, changed your business hours, or have a new business line? We can update all of this with one click.

Business Listing inaccuracy report before and after

Increase your online visibility

Consumr Buzz automatically syncs your business’s information across more than 60 available sites. We make sure online users always see the correct information. This info includes your location, business hours, website, and phone number. Anytime there is a change, we can update this instantly with our platform. Get a free consultation today to see your listings!

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