Digital Advertising

Reach to audiences on popular platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram. Digital Advertising allows you to reach our further with captivating content.

PPC Example of Google Adwords search result

Pay per click (PPC)

Outside of SEO, businesses and digital marketing companies use Pay Per Click (PPC). With PPC your business can display to target audiences and demographics. Impressions, clicks, landing page views, and conversions are a few ways that set the objective of your campaign. In an ad campaign, we piece together content that will catch the eye of your targeted audience to turn them into a lead, a regular web visitor, or a  customer, 

It sounds easy enough, but without the right strategy, it could be a massive waste of money.

Consumr Buzz turns searches and interests into sales through targeted ads.

Digital Advertising Example of Facebook Ads display

Google Adwords

We display business to targeted audiences and find new audiences for your business on large networks.

Facebook Ads

Connect with your followers and display relevant content and targets ads that lead to conversions.

Instagram Ads

Being owned by Facebook, ads are just as easy to create and as powerful as its parent platform.


Content that represents your business or brand that will convert targeted audiences.

Lets talk about digital advertising

Talk to one of our marketing specialist to get an idea of how we can help your business expand online. We will help you put together a marketing strategy that suits your business or brand. 

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